Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today's post comes with a shiny new link in the sidebar to a guy who's craft of the sacred F-Bomb pales mine by comparison. He's a helluva blogger, and even in the throes of weed-blogging manages to knock 'em dead with some deep, universal shit that could have come right from the likes of any of the internet superheroes we all read everyday. The blog is called Scumfuck Living in Babylon, and he murders your face right off with the following sage wisdom:

Pick your nits carefully when it comes to what you won't support; remember that the President cannot declare all the things that you hate to be law by kingly decree.

See that? Yup, that's your face. It just got murdered right off. I warned you, didn't I? This dude is the real fuckin deal, and he's got shit like this all over the place. So get thee hence to his blog, and read that shit. This is wookie-suiting at its most fierce. You go now.


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  1. "Murders your face off" is as good a description for what I do as any.

    Thanks for the linkage.


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