Friday, January 13, 2012

Never a Good Time

Well, I had tossed around leaving the blog behind in favor of Facebook, but it seems like a bad idea. See, a certain post over at Jim's place led me to find my blog here linked up in a lot of places that I didn't know about. Good places, all, and good bloggers running 'em. Made me think twice, and I've decided to take this thing a bit more seriously.

So, to all that link me up, thanks. If y'all will let me know who you are, I'll update the blogroll. In the mean time, I'mma clean up the place, wipe the counters, knock down the cobwebs, and see if I can breath a little life back into this thing.



  1. If you go to Basefook I'll never see you again. I won't go there for any reason, not just that they sell your data...


    I put you in my links. Thanks and keep up the good work.


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