Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Is Why Traditional Media Is Failing

So, it looks like SCOTUS is gonna go round-and-round with some Affirmative Action again, and once again it will be at the collegiate level. In Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, eight of the nine Supremes (Kagan recused herself) will decide if Affirmative Action was unfairly applied to a student who was denied admissions in favor academically lesser students simply because she is a cracka.

Of course, The Atlantic sees the stakes a bit differently:

The justices will hear a case on whether universities can encourage diversity at the classroom level, but court conservatives may use it as an opportunity to set a new precedent.

See, a liberal court is a good, honest, freedom and diversity loving court. A court who may give a shit about Equal Protection Under The Law (I swear, that's written down somewhere) is a bunch of conservative fucks who want to jeopardize educational diversity.



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  1. Educational diversity is M&M diversity; a rainbow of colors on the outside, same pernicious evil on the inside.


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